The Woodshed
Practice is a lifelong pursuit comprised of, but not limited to, constantly refining your technique in order to facilitate the goal of succinctly expressing musical ideas at the speed of thought which can range from guttural screams to scintillating, erudite dialog steeped in conventional theory, all the while adhering to vicissitudes contained in the performance of a given musical composition or improvisation. Dave's influences on guitar span from Allan Holdsworth to Elmore James to Wes Montgomery to Frank Zappa. Many a musical lesson has come from listening to the likes of Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Jaco Pastorius, Bill Frizell and Mike Stern. Among others, all the great players he's worked with over the years have helped cultivate a wide perspective on music which only enhances the favorite part of his musical journey :-  
                         .....performing  live
Current Groups
Currently, Dave works with The Overtones Jazz Trio, and is a founding member of  a 13-piece ensemble presenting the music of Steely Dan called Steeling Dan (since 2002). He's also a 'lifetime member' of Cornbread Harris and Friends - in the band for more than 15 years, playing every Friday at the Loring Pasta Bar.  He holds the guitar chair in Foster Willey's"Terraplane Blues Band" with longtime bandmantes, John Brown(b) and Mike Stefan(d).

As a frontman, he plays with the Overtones Jazz Trio - dedicated to performing original jazz compositions, standards, and music from eras past. The Overtones have had a longstanding weekly gig at the Riverview Wine Bar (since 2009).  As a sideman, Dave works with Jimeo - a 9-peice R&B group, Jessie Bryan (vocalist), Shelly Domke (vocalist), Foster Willey (harp/vocals), Augustana Lutheran Church (W.St. Paul), and Bethany Lutheran Church (Mpls).
Born in New York state and raised in the Middle East (Lebanon and Cyprus) until the age of fourteen, Dave has been playing guitar for 25 years while living in Minnesota since 1980.  He works professionally as a front-line/ensemble player with a variety of groups mainly in jazz, blues, and funk/variety genres. 

Magnificent. Simply magnificent.
At the conclusion of the concert, I was left breathless. Literally. I required the use of oxygen [...]but I still liked what he was trying to do!
                          -Doug Hill,  dummer
This is how angels sound in springtime.
The audience simply wouldn't allow me to exit the stage. I've always liked what I try to do!

                   -Dave Hofgren, guitarzan!