Friday August 4th 2017
Famous Dave's
Calhoun Square 9:00pm$8

​Saturday September 16th 2017
Famous Dave's
Calhoun Square 9:00 pm$8

Saturday December 23rd, 2017

Famous Dave's

Calhoun Square 9:00 pm$8

the dates
the Steely EPK 
Horns : Jim Hann*(tb,whistle)
                 Dave Foley*(ts,as) 
                 Jay Graf
                 Jeff Gottwig
                 Scott Johnson

Keys : Charlie Peterson*
Bass : Al Bergstrom*                    
            James Townes
Guitar : Karl Koopman*                 
                Dave Hofgren*                   
Vocals : John Heinen*                     
                Dave Larsen*                     
                JoAnna Jahn*                   
                Kate Geibink*        
 Drums : Dave Thomas*                    
Charlie P mans keys
​the Fagan is strong in him
destiny fulfilled
the Personnel 







Andy and Jim H
solidify horn section
happy to have work
Dave T toes the line 
one e-maelstrom 'a time yet
​timely keeps certain
That each time we play
John and Dave L can lay out 
best Faganisms
Dan absorbed into
Google's vast electronic
aether, wish him well
Karl and Dave on point
wonder what's with all the fuss? 
​still have killer tone
then Weismann left.........
​​Started playing at 
Famous Dave's regularly
​Gig lasted ten years
Foley tried to leave
He was much loved by all so
we dragged him back, too..........
Dictator vanquished
major dudes grant Al the Fez
​FBI involved
It took a few months
'til everyone was bored
​-no I mean on-board!
JoAnna and Kate
​each left for their own reasons
​but we dragged them back.......
​​​We think it started
two-thousand-two so says one
Al America 
the Story
(in Haiku)



John introduces

Faganite anew, country

heads into the weeds