Friday August 4th 2017
Famous Dave's
Calhoun Square 9:00pm$8

​Saturday September 16th 2017
Famous Dave's
Calhoun Square 9:00 pm$8

Saturday December 23rd, 2017

Famous Dave's

Calhoun Square 9:00 pm$8

the dates


​​Started playing at 
Famous Dave's regularly
​Gig lasted ten years
JoAnna and Kate
​each left for their own reasons
​but we dragged them back.......
Horns : Jim Hann*(tb,whistle)
                 Dave Foley*(ts,as) 
                 Jay Graf
                 Jeff Gottwig
                 Scott Johnson

Keys : Charlie Peterson*
Bass : Al Bergstrom*                    
            James Townes
Guitar : Karl Koopman*                 
                Dave Hofgren*                   
Vocals : John Heinen*                     
                Dave Larsen*                     
                JoAnna Jahn*                   
                Kate Geibink*        
 Drums : Dave Thomas*                    
Andy and Jim H
solidify horn section
happy to have work
then Weismann left.........
​​​We think it started
two-thousand-two so says one
Al America 
the Steely EPK 


Karl and Dave on point
wonder what's with all the fuss? 
​still have killer tone
the Story
(in Haiku)





Dan absorbed into
Google's vast electronic
aether, wish him well
Foley tried to leave
He was much loved by all so
we dragged him back, too..........

John introduces

Faganite anew, country

heads into the weeds

Charlie P mans keys
​the Fagan is strong in him
destiny fulfilled
the Personnel 


That each time we play
John and Dave L can lay out 
best Faganisms
Dictator vanquished
major dudes grant Al the Fez
​FBI involved




Dave T toes the line 
one e-maelstrom 'a time yet
​timely keeps certain
It took a few months
'til everyone was bored
​-no I mean on-board!